Dinner Day 24: Salmon, Eggplant and Carrots

by kath on May 18, 2011

Grrr.  I HATE fish.  Yes, I know it’s good for me.  Yes, I know it has lots of omega fatty acids that promote health.  Yes, I know even the Pope promotes eating it on Fridays.  But I still hate it.  Even the just fishy smell at the National Aquarium makes me want to vomit.  The only exceptions to my overwhelming fish gag reflex are tuna, salmon, shrimp and scallops.  I can actually enjoy a tuna salad sandwich if it has A LOT of pickle relish and PLENTY of mayonnaise, which unfortunately negates most of its health benefits.

So why are we eating fish for dinner tonight?  A) my husband and the kids love it.  It’s a rare treat in our house so the kids went wild dancing around the kitchen when they found out what was for dinner.  B) It was on sale – always a plus.  C) I just couldn’t freaking look at another *&^%$! boneless, skinless chicken breast, piece of steak or portion of hamburger.

Sometimes slow carb diet rule #2 eat the same few meals over and over becomes too difficult.  So instead of banging on the table and singing choruses of “We want something else!” before sending out for a mail order care package from Adam’s Ribs, I cooked some fish.  Yep, dieting makes you do some crazy things!

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