Lunch Day 26: Chili’s Grilled Chicken, Broccoli and Beans

by kath on May 20, 2011

Slow carb diet meal plan - lunch day 26:  grilled chicken, broccoli and beans

Eating out on a diet is always fraught with difficulty.  You never know what disastrous ingredients might be lurking in a seemingly healthy entree – and enormous salt levels are often a problem.  I want to enjoy the occasional meal out with my cutie, but I don’t want to completely derail the diet progress I’ve made.

So I dutifully substituted broccoli for the rice.  When I tasted the beans, they were suspiciously sweet.  Any high fructose corn syrup lurking in there?  Not taking any chances, I left them on the plate.  I carefully scraped the mini tortilla chips off the bottom – would have requested they be omitted had I noticed them on the menu.  I limited the salsa to one bite in case there might be hidden carbs there too.

After eating a restaurant meal, I probably won’t lose today.  But hopefully the careful precautions will prevent my gaining any weight after the lunch date.

[Update 5/21 - didn't gain but didn't lose either.]

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