How Shrinking Leon lost 100 pounds

by kath on May 21, 2011

Thanks so much to Jason at for this inspirational interview a man who is just a few pounds away from reaching his 100 pound weight-loss goal.

Key takeaways:

  • Don’t worry if you’re not always 100% perfect, persistence is the key and it definitely pays off.
  • Learn to clamp down on “trigger foods.”
  • Plateaus happen.  One of the best ways to overcome a plateau is to skip a cheat day or just have one cheat meal instead of a full pig-out day.
  • Try to cut down the junk food and sweets on cheat day.
  • Exercise is important but be careful to avoid over training and overeating after a workout.

Follow Shrinking  Leon’s progress on his Tumblr blog.

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