Tim Ferriss Diet Bet Challenge

by kath on January 24, 2013

After taking a year and a half off from regular dieting, I’m starting again. Christmas and New Years are over, my birthday is past, and Tim Ferriss just posted a new set of slow carb success stories and a super cool Diet Bet challenge.

The Diet Bet challenge runs from January 22-February 18, 2013.  Everyone puts in a $50 bet and all the participants who lose at least 4% of their body weight split the winnings.  Fail to lose enough and your forfeit your cash.  Plus Tim’s added an extra prize:

“For the one person who loses the most bodyfat percentage points (not necessarily total weight) by February 18th, I have another prize: a $1,000 prize of my choosing and, if you like, an hour on the phone with me (or lunch in SF, if you can make it).”

Can I make it?  Absolutely!  I expect to be in San Francisco in August anyway.  Now, if I can only repeat my earlier slow carb diet results from Spring 2011 when I lost 19 pounds in 30 days I might have a chance to win the prize.  BTW – this photo is my official DietBet “before” entry.  Wish me luck!

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