Can Slow Carb Dieters Lose Weight Without Exercise?

by kath on January 30, 2013

I have a busted knee.  Walking is tough; climbing stairs is a very serious challenge.  Exercise? Not gonna happen right now.  Does that mean that it won’t be possible to lose weight?  Not necessarily.

There’s a great article about ketosis and cardio exercise on Mark’s Daily Apple that explains why so many dieters don’t get the expected fat-burning benefits of high intensity cardio workouts.  It turns out that a few hours of low intensity cardio exercise each week (walking, hiking, etc.) interspersed with just a few minutes of high intensity exercise can produce better fat burning than overtraining with lots of high intensity exercise.  Why? Because the high intensity exercise forces your body to burn (and crave) glucose while the lower intensity exercise can be fueled by fat metabolism.

And the effect of no exercise?  So far, I’ve been losing weight simply through adjustments to my diet.  I’ve been losing well with the slow carb food plan even without exercise.  I’m starting physical therapy for my knee this week.  Hopefully by the time I need to add exercise to keep the loss momentum going, I’ll be able to walk well enough to get started.

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