How you can help Kickstart “Carb-Loaded,” a new documentary film

by kath on August 5, 2013

Lathe Poland and Eric Carlsen are just finishing up a new documentary about the exploding diabetes epidemic in America. They’re interviewing some of the leading nutrition scientists, doctors and researchers about new learning about the causes and treatment of this disease and its related conditions.

They’ve interviewed some great people so far: Gary Taubes, David Katz, Marion Nestle, Tim Noakes, Marlene Schwartz, Wendy Scinta, Brian Wansink, Yoni Freedhoff, Andrea Dimauro, and Ronald Tamler.  They’re raising money to cover travel costs for their remaining interviews and for the technical aspects of finishing up the film such as graphics and animation, musical scoring and licensing fees. Here’s a preview trailer below.

Please check out the Carb-Loaded film project on Kickstarter.

Disclosure: SkinnyMetrics has donated to this project.

Update – August 7th: Hooray!  The project was successfully funded!  Looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out.  Here’s the video update about Carb-Loaded the Kickstarter campaign.



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