I am SO not a doctor!

The information presented on this blog is primarily for entertainment. It reflects my experiences related to dieting, exercise, weight-loss (hopefully!) and other interesting related topics. I am not a doctor nor is this blog meant to dispense medical advice. If you’re starting a diet or exercise program, cough up the $20 co-pay and go see your doctor for a personal evaluation and professional advice.

FTC Requirements

The FTC requires bloggers to post disclaimers about remuneration or benefits that they might receive for endorsing or discussing products or services on their blogs.

This is primarily a personal blog, but it would be sweet to earn enough pin money to support my web hosting, Diet Coke and Ketostix habits.  And maybe even my Amazon.com addiction?  Hmm.

My policy is simple. I don’t select any products or services to mention on the blog solely due to any promotional or other vendor enticement. But, if an affiliate program or promotional campaign is available for something that I enjoy or want to investigate anyway, I’m going to sign up for it!

Anyway, Louis Gray and artist Jeannine Schafer have created a great set of blog disclosure notices. So whenever you see a product or service listed on this site, assume any or all of the following are true:

FTC Disclosures: Writer got mad scrilla and writer got a free bookFTC Disclosures: Writer got fed and writer go a hellava schwag bag

FTC Disclosures: writer got some sweet gadgets and writer got busy (just kidding about getting busy)

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